Mix tabulation having Chi-Square analyses had been did ranging from responses so you’re able to “Are you currently and only using birth prevention?

Mix tabulation having Chi-Square analyses had been did ranging from responses so you’re able to “Are you currently and only using birth prevention?


The results in the analysis pick big subject areas out of consideration of the impact of contraception one of people. Complete, there had been zero gender differences recognized for the responses to the majority of out of the newest questionnaire concerns except that a great deal more female than men indicated favorability on the contraceptive explore. Most participants no matter intercourse trust he has brand new ability to end an unexpected maternity. In addition, most members along with have a look at its partners’ desires regarding your use of birth control to be either extremely important otherwise very important, however, state that it by themselves choose whether or not to have fun with birth control. Many users don’t think they will be judged because of the neighborhood if they explore contraception, and you can a much greater majority can be found in choose from contraceptive use. Yet not, there may be a fraction of your own people that would such NejlepЕЎГ­ vГЅklenek datovГЎnГ­ aplikacГ­ as to use birth control but trust reasoning is a problem.

Total, this data means an over-all greeting from birth prevention because of the both genders one of several society of just one people on the Dominican Republic. You’ll be able to that individuals regarding neighborhood of your own introduce investigation, especially girls, was wearing confidence and becoming more aware of the self-reliance in playing with birth control. It will be easy the relationships anywhere between heterosexual people has started to become a great deal more equal much less dominated of the people, that could support women in order to more effectively act on their choices.

Members whom indicated a preference for making use of birth prevention were apt to be to have used birth control at least “sometimes”. These types of efficiency suggest that individuals who are and only birth prevention use are more likely to used it prior to and possess a good comprehension of the worth when you look at the preventing unexpected pregnancy. We are able to after that extrapolate one to since the reproductive fitness regulations have been liberalized for the countries that are predominantly Catholic, especially in Latin The usa, contraceptive is a lot more offered and you will prevalent [ 10 ].

Increasing involvement in salary employment has emboldened women in house choice making [ 9 ], which may translate so you’re able to intimate matchmaking as well

Even though contraceptive might have been gaining acceptance in a culture of your Dominican Republic, our very own performance recommend that truth be told there however is generally openings in availableness and active play with. Almost you to-third from participants reported that he’s never ever made use of birth control, and you will a similar level of participants marked “yes” whenever questioned when they or their spouse enjoys ever endured an “unexpected or unwanted maternity”. There is absolutely no statistical relevance on the relationship between these answers, that may imply that people who believe that he’s got utilized contraception in advance of could still have an unplanned maternity. This might result from ineffective entry to contraceptive otherwise decreased use of contraceptive. Likewise, the fresh large anticipate and you may favorability of using contraception shown within our overall performance cannot give an explanation for high teenage pregnancy rate from inside the Dominican Republic. Depending on the 2017 National Human Development Statement with the Dominican Republic, 22% of females anywhere between many years several and 19 was indeed pregnant, an increase which is 34% higher than average to have Latin America and you will Caribbean nations. An equivalent statement next asserts the highest adolescent pregnancy rate is focused within the poorer teams, that can be said by the a lack of access to contraceptive otherwise intimate fitness training [ eleven ]. A possible barrier, whatever the essentially positive attitude towards the contraception, is a lack of degree otherwise uniform, legitimate availability. Since the all of our studies merely treated the brand new thinking of females decades 18 and you will old, it must be thought that the latest views of women involving the period of twelve and 19 might have significantly inspired the results of one’s investigation. Which restrict will bring a chance for upcoming lookup to explore you can variations in opinions out-of allowed off birth control usage in females more than in place of below the period of 18, incase this might help give an explanation for high adolescent maternity price on Dominican Republic. Irrespective of, this problem reveals the door for additional look, that gaps for the understanding promote possibilities to own governing bodies, health options, and you can coming quick-identity scientific objectives and come up with birth control and intercourse degree far more available.

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