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To protect the new rights away from persons who’re people in an effective family: step 1

To protect the new rights away from <a href=""><img src="" alt="mennation"/></a> persons who’re people in an effective family: step 1

Blog post 68. Brand new secure and you can monogamous relationship between a couple people with no almost every other wedding links that have a familiar-legislation house, on lapse of time and you may according to the standards and you can facts sent to legally, shall gain benefit from the exact same legal rights and you can loans ones parents likely by formal relationships links.

Blog post 69. In charge motherhood and you will fatherhood might be fostered; therefore the mother and father can be required to take proper care, raise, inform, provide, and provide to the integrated development and defense of one’s liberties of the people, especially when he is ily assets is acknowledged with respect to amount as well as on the cornerstone of your own conditions and you will restrictions provided for legally. The authority to give up history and inherit try accepted. 3. The state will make sure the equality away from liberties in the decision making towards the government of marital relationship and mutual control off property. 4. The official shall protect mothers, dads and people who is the thoughts out of household members, in the do it of its debt and you will will pay special attention to parents who’ve broken up for reasons uknown. 5. The official shall provide the brand new joint responsibility out-of one another mommy and you can dad and you may shall display satisfaction of the shared requirements and you can legal rights ranging from mothers, dads, and kids. six. De- liberties, without any consideration provided to kinship otherwise use history. eight. No report of one’s quality of new kinship might be required during the time of joining the birth and no label document should relate to the kind of kinship.

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